It is our conviction that you can't protect your family unless you are also protecting your community and our planet. 

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You like the idea of life insurance that takes action for family, community and planet, but first you have a few questions.


So, what is life insurance?

Life insurance is financial support for those you leave behind when you die. You buy a life insurance policy from a company (called an insurer) that will pay your beneficiaries (you decide who those people are) a set amount of money at the time of your death. You pay premiums every year to keep the policy in place, and in exchange for those premiums, the insurer agrees to pay your beneficiaries a death benefit.

For example, you can buy a life insurance policy that will pay $1,000,000 to the people you care about if you die. You may be thinking:  "Wow, that would be expensive." Well, it may cost a lot less than you think. A healthy 30 year old woman can get $1,000,000 life insurance for less than $32 per month. Don’t need to leave a million dollars behind? You can choose a smaller amount and pay even less.

Who is Bluestone?

We've been a member of 1% for the Planet since we incorporated.  Our products are designed to amplify your giving to nonprofits using life insurance.

It is our conviction that you only protect your family when you also protect your community and our planet.

Our products are affordable and transparent and are sold directly to you with no middle-man.  You are served by a Bluestone team member.

We are also proud to be a Certified B Corp with our polices issued by the only Certified B Corp life insurance carrier.

Kate_feature3Like our customers, we are changemakers and Practical Activists.  Check out our Practical Activist blog  featuring a wide range of leaders working for community and planet.

We started Bluestone because we know that life insurance can be a transformational force for good.

All it takes are people who want to unlock their purchasing power for positive impact.

Is that you?  Connect with us to learn more about how your insurance can work for family, community and planet.

How much impact could we create together?

$1 Billion is possible with just 20,000 customers.

Here's how we create enormous impact:

  • Family.  20,000 people purchase $500,000 of life insurance from Bluestone.  
  • Community.  Our product's built-in Impact Rider  generates $100 million dollars for nonprofits. 
  • Planet.  Bluestone's donations to nonprofits through 1% for the Planet and impact investing have a 10X multiplier effect=$1 Billion.

Why would I need life insurance?

  • Do you have debts, like student loans, that someone else could be responsible for if something happened to you?
  • Are you planning on getting married or thinking about having a baby in the next few years? Getting life insurance before some of life’s big events is smart adulting.  It insures that financial assets, liabilities and responsibilities are covered and not a burden.
  • In addition to leaving money to the people you care about, you can leave money to the non-profits that you love in the 1% for the Planet network.
  • Being young and healthy is an ideal time to buy life insurance as it gets more expensive as you age, and if a health issue develops in the future, you may not be able to get life insurance at all.

What coverage do I have at work?

Most companies offer 1-2 times your income in their group insurance policies.  While that's a good start, most people with dependents or a mortgage need 10-15 times their income which can create a gap between what you have and what you need.

Bluestone Life can help you close the gap and support nonprofits working for social and environmental impact — at no additional cost to you.

How can my life insurance make a difference?

Impact is built right into our products, so every policy benefits nonprofits in the 1% for the Planet community working for social and environmental justice. 

Your financial decisions have impact

How you bank, invest and protect your assets matters because your dollars go to work after depositing them or paying a premium. 

As a 1% for the Planet member, you know we give 1% of our revenues to nonprofits, but we also give you a complimentary benefit that goes to a nonprofit when your policy is paid.

For Example:

  • $1,000,000 you purchase to protect your family
  • $10,000 additional complimentary coverage to protect community & planet

We call this our Premiums with Purpose and here's how it works:

Premiums with Purpose™-1

To date, Bluestone customers have generated almost $1million dollars of good simply by choosing a nonprofit as the beneficiary of our complimentary impact rider.  And we're just getting started.  Every customer creates impact with every policy.  You can too.