Life Insurance that
Protects You and Your Community


Care for the ones you love with life insurance that supports family, community and planet.

The Sun Valley Institute for Resilience (SVRI) is building a community where the economy, the environment and people thrive in central Idaho.

At Bluestone Life, it is our conviction that life insurance only protects your family, when it also protects your community and our planet. That's why our premiums support nonprofits like SVIR.

Standards you can trust. Our policies are issued by Assurity Life, the only life insurance carrier that is a Certified B Corp.



About Bluestone Life

Premiums with Purpose

Your Bluestone Life policy supports high-impact nonprofits, like The Sun Valley Institute for Resilience (SVRI), that work hard to make our world better.

  1. Money to non-profits today. A percent of  Bluestone's premiums are given to nonprofits like SVRI.
  2. Peace of Mind.  Your life insurance premiums are invested responsibly. 
  3. Money to non-profits tomorrow. There is an additional complimentary death benefit which customers donate to nonprofits.

Affordable Protection that Gives Back

Our products are affordable and transparent, protecting your family, community and our planet.

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